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Dirty Designs of Caleb Owen Everitt


Caleb Owen Everitt’s style of design is a visual description of what the TrendKiller is. That’s all that needs to be said.

Win: La Carnita Tacos + Art + Tee’s


La Carnita is a hot new pop-up shop in Toronto, Canada that sells what could be the greatest combination of anything known to man: Tacos and Art. And we’re giving away both.

Raw Designs of Mike McQuade

A Philadelphian at heart, Mike McQuade relocated three years ago to Chicago, where he currently lives & works. This hard working and nice-guy artist describes his graphic design and illustration method as a raw and always improving process. Mike finds inspiration in old books, hand lettering & everyday happenings.

Classic Designs of Curtis Jinkins

Curtis Lynn Jinkins is a graphic designer and graduate of the Portfolio Center in Atlanta. Previously employed by his friends at Planet Propaganda in Madison, WI, Curtis is currently freelancing in Austin, Texas.

Fine Design of Michael Freimuth

Michael Freimuth is an art director, designer and illustrator based in New York City. He currently leads creative engagements on a freelance basis in all range of media.

Striking Photos by Timothy Long

Timothy Long is a photographer and designer out of Newport Beach, California. He specializes in front-end web development, UI design, Wordpress customization, and of course, taking awesome photographs. Tim enjoys riding waves and taking rocks in the beautiful West Coast.

TrendKill Refresh (We’re Back, Baby)

The TrendKiller took a (rather large) small break in the past few months, but I am glad to announce that the TrendKiller is back and better than ever. We’ve made a few updates to the brand and the site to make your experience the best it can be. Read on to see the changes.

Bad-Ass Music Photography of Adam Elmakias

Based out of San Diego, CA, Adam Elmakias’ bad-ass music photography has drawn eyes around the world, being featured in publications such as Rock Sound, AMP Magazine and Alternative Press. He has also created some awesome Lens Bracelets™ for sale!

Vintage Print Designs of Alex Varanese

Alex Varanese is a graphic designer out of San Francisco, California. His sweet vintage style on his many print works has landed him some pretty awesome clients including Nike, Chevrolet, Fortune, Playboy, CBS, Wired UK and many other magazines around the world.

Unreal Motion Work of Barton Damer

Barton is a motion designer and digital artist who creates under his studio brand, Already Been Chewed LLC. For over 12 years, he has designed for a variety of mediums including print, web, live productions and broadcast television. His digital illustrations are influenced heavily by his motion work.